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Custom Embroidery Digitizing

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Left Chest & Cap $30
Left Chest and Cap Embroidery Digitizing
Mid size 4-7 inches $85
Embroidery Digitizing and Vector art Services
Jacket Back $150
Jacket back Embroidery design digitizing

Some time the prices may vary, based on complexity of the design, in such a case we will quote
You the appropriate price.
Simple name drops are much less, contact us for quote.

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Standard turnaround is next day.

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Sew out with
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Your order is machine tested.

We provide an image of the actual sew out with your order.

The sew out is done on the required fabric


If you prefer to tweak your files yourself, we can provide you with editable formats.

We provide various punched formats like EMB, PXF, CND, OFM and more.


Every digitizer has slightly different strengths and capabilities.

For our regular customers, we assign specific digitizers to their account so that their work is consistent


We give each design our very best.

Every design is punched by our experienced digitizers in a systematic, consistent manner.

The design then goes through a strict QC process.

Everyday Designs

We realize that every logo is of utmost importance to our clients, therefore we give each design our very best. Our goal is to make each and every design look spectacular, feel good, and be production friendly.

  • Left chest designs

    This is the most common embroidery. Digitizing left chest logos require adjusting for fabric type & color; and then selecting the most appropriate stitch type and density so that the finished embroidery looks as great as possible.

  • Cap embroidery

    Digitizing for caps requires extra attention. Digitizing techniques need to provide for the cap’s curved surface and center seam. Even after careful approach, we machine test each design to make sure the various parts register well, and the logo looks great.

  • Puff designs

    “Puff” or “3d” designs are used on caps to give the design an elevated, sculpted look. This is achieved by placing a piece of foam in the design area where a logo requires a raised look.

  • Jacket backs

    Jacket backs are especially fun. Jacket back designs range from simple layouts to intricate works of art. Jacket backs especially require our creative best efforts.

  • Appliques

    Applique design is achieved by integrating a piece of cloth or material in a design. This is done to create a specific look of a design or then to reduce number of stitches applied in the embroidery process.

  • Small text

    Small text is considered the most challenging part of digitizing. Our experienced punchers routinely run 2 or 3 sew outs to get the text right. We aim to get small text great using normal thread and needles.

    Sometimes, when text is really tiny, we ask our clients to use thinner needles (no 9 instead of no 11) and finer threads (65 weight or 75 weights). This enables us to embroider small text which many digitizers consider impossible.


Specialty Digitizing

In addition to everyday logos, we get frequent requests for digitizing that is different. For such needs, we offer various specialty punching.
Some non conventional digitizing services we offer include the following.

  • Picture Digitizing

    You can create WOW, real life looks using “Picture Digitizing”. This non conventional digitizing approaches embroidery, like an artist does a painting. The fabric is used as the main background color, thus drastically reducing number of stitches required to make a design. The stitches are placed on the material in a pencil like manner, giving the finished piece a real life look.

    Learn more about Picture Digitizing (click here)

  • Sequin… sparkle!

    Sequin designs are used to give apparel a glittery, stunning look and are very popular in ladies garments. Sequins of various sizes (2-7mm) and colors applied to create the special appeal. Embroiders need a sequin head machine.

  • Chenille… get noticed

    Create a raised, fluffy look. Chenille embroidery is ideal for letters and badges. Chenille is made on a different embroidery head and requires special thread.

  • Cross stitch

    Cross stitch can be made on any embroidery machine. This technique uses placing the stitches in a pattern to achieve a picture like look. Cross stitch is a great choice for various embroidery applications, including quilting and home furnishing.